The Ultimate Act of Rebellion

The rebellion, it seems, has left the building. Today, instead of fearing Big Brother, we embrace and become eager participants in Its Plan, eagerly passing along every single bit of us to opaque, multinational corporations for a reward of “free” services.

It’s a relatively new business model, and it is disturbingly successful. Virtually everything we come in contact with in an average day has been market-researched, finely-tuned, and empowered — by increasingly sophisticated a.i. algorhythms whose “masters” understand less and less — to hook us in and keep us.

Some, like Gmail, deliver a legitimately superior and useful product. Others provide a platform that feeds the worst in us (ego, tribalism, etc.). And in case you haven’t noticed, resistance is futile.

unless you have super powers

So. In this reality, what constitutes “rebellion”… isolating yourself? Living “off the grid”? Unfortunately, that grid — besides being virtually inescapable — can be a key source of information and even connection (if you do it right).

“Follow your heart” would seem an unassailable path. Don’t listen to the others, follow you beat of your own drummer, etc. Great! But in order to follow this beat, or even locate it, you must first be able to hear it. Feel it. Recognize it as yours, and be able to trust that it is coming from “you” (as opposed to something planted there).

This is the critical first step to freedom. Having a clear sense of what constitutes “you” is the most important, modern-day survival skill to develop. Properly developed, it is like a super-power. In a world where hacking your “heart” (feelings, thoughts, desires, etc.) in increasingly subtle and quite invisible ways is reaching appalling heights of perfection, the ability to recognize yourself is a super power.

Knowing yourself is, ultimately, the single best inoculation against everything that is aggressively, desperately, and relentlessly doing its damndest to make you sick, crazy, and unhappy.

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