posted by victor @ 6:18 pm September 19, 2008 in life

How pathetic is it that the guys who own the frickin’ marketplace spend a gajillion dollars to A) hire an aging comedian to prove that they’re “hip,” and B) create an entire campaign that is essentially a response to someone else’s better idea. Gah. And to top it off, the ads were created on a Mac.

Here’s my recut tribute to MSoft and their pure and total awesome.


posted by victor @ 12:46 am September 17, 2008 in life

I recently slid up against the whole Getting Things Done thing. Sites that refer to it often (or are actually all about it) have slowly made their way into my regular visit list for being so damn smart and useful… The idea simply reached critical mass, and I had to check it out.

I didn’t buy the book or anything. Let’s not get crazy. But I did manage to get quite a bit of value just from (more…)


posted by victor @ 10:29 pm September 11, 2008 in life

GoreMy favorite radio show is Left Right and Center. On last week’s episode, I heard something that has resonated with me ever since. The conversation, at one point, led to the observation that, if one were to simply take “the average American voter” and list the major policy positions of Democrats vs. Republicans for him or her, the majority of people will choose Democratic. And yet — Republicans win. Why? WTF is that about?

Tony Blankley (speaking for The Right) answered simply, and candidly. He said (more…)

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