god bless america

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heatherI ran across this post on Gizmodo featuring what has to be the most adorable sword swallower (ever, in the history of sword swallowing) trying to swallow a new iPod Shuffle. She couldn’t, but it’s not for lack of trying. Priceless video footage of repeated attempts reveal that her manner and voice match her mug to a tee. She joined the Coney Island Circus straight out of high school. And I’m glad she did.


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dscf0035I drive a ’66 Mustang. All/mostly stock/factory original, including the dashboard AM radio (the kind with push buttons that feel like they’re actually doing something, pulling cables and whatnot inside), with a tinny dash-top speaker to complete the experience.

savageAnd AM radio is freaking strange. Mostly talk, mostly right-wing, and holy shit, these are strange times for the right. I’ve caught certain tidbits in the past from Michael Savage. I found the guy at least entertaining, at best quasi-coherent and invigoratingly un-PC.

What I’m saying is, there’s not a lot to listen to. Then today, stuck in traffic, I stumbled onto him again, and wow. This guy has completely flipped his lid. Glenn Beck with a Brooklyn accent. Blathering about how much better America was in 1959 (where I’m from!!”).Kind of interesting what’s going on over on the right these days. That’s all.

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